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Pigeon Removal & Control

Got Pigeons? Then you've got problems! Dengo Wildlife Control of Boise,Idaho provides professional comprehensive services to help you with your pigeon removal and control problem. So... if you want to know how to get rid of Pigeons or other other Pest Birds, please read on!

Pigeons can be found in every major city in North America. They are often regarded as Pest Birds because of their close association and contact with Humans. In Idaho, they are an ever-increasing concern for Home Owners, Businesses, Municipal Facilities, Schools and Historic Districts. Pigeons (sometimes called Rock Doves) are fairly large birds (about 13 inches, beak to tail). Urban Pigeons usually have no need to migrate and reproduce through out the year, having 4 to 5 broods annually. Their droppings are quite acidic and have been known to degrade concrete. Pigeons are generally regarded as one of the "filthiest" pest birds. They will nest on top of large piles of their own feces and even other dead Pigeons.

Given the option, Pigeons will occupy the interior of Buildings or the support structure of sheds or other open air Buildings. Diseases associated with Pigeons are classified in this manner:

Bacterial: Paratyphoid, Vibrosis, Salmonella, Listeriosis, Pasteurellosis

Fungal: Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, Sarcisporidiosias, Blastomycosis

Viral: Encephalitis, Meningitis, Newcastle Disease, St. Louis Encephalitis

Protozoal: Toxoplasmosis, Trichomoniasis, American Trysansomiasis

Rickettsial: Rickets

This does not include the diseases spread by the parasites living on these birds.

Persons working, living or playing around accumulations of Pigeon Feces should take all the necessary precautions not to cross contaminate other persons or areas. They also need to take necessary precautions not to breath in airborne particles (Fungal Diseases). Other common problems associated with Pigeons are:

  • Roof Damage
  • Citations from Regulatory Authorities and potential facility closure
  • Apartment Balcony Contamination
  • Parking Structures and other open air facilities
  • Vehicle Paint Damage
  • Schools
  • Storefront Sign Damage
  • Invasion of Steeples, Attics or upper reaches of Buildings
  • Damage to Products or Materials (Inventory) from droppings
  • Clogged and Contaminated HVAC Systems
  • Clogged Roof Drains
  • Clogged Crickets (roof drains that evacuate from an upper / outer wall)
  • Contaminated Swimming Pools and Water Features
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Horse & Livestock Facility Contamination
  • Soiled Handrails & Steps
  • Wall Damage
  • Staggering Maintenance Costs
  • Health Risks
  • Poor Public Image
  • Employee Relations & Retention Issues due to Health Risks

Dengo Wildlife Control offers Programs that will Remove and Exclude Nuisance Pigeons and take measures to prevent them from re-establishing.


  • Federal, State & Municipal Entities
  • Residential & Commercial Entities
  • Flock Reduction
  • Pigeon Trapping & Removal
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Population Reduction through Contraceptive Birth Control
  • Barrier Netting Installation
  • Installation of Electrical & Physical Deterrents
  • Contamination Clean Up
  • Nest Removal
  • Pressure Washing Walkways & Structures
  • Sharpshooting were acceptable

Our normal Service Area for Pest Bird and Pigeon Control and Removal is Boise and the Greater Treasure Valley Area. If you are having Pigeon Problems outside of the Treasure Valley, please call for a consultation. Although each situation is different, Dengo Wildlife Control can offer Professional Solutions to control your Pigeon Problems. When you're ready to put your Pigeon Problems behind you, please give us a call!

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