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"Specializing in the Removal of Unwanted Wildlife"



Mouse / Mice Removal & Control

Residential & Commercial Mouse Control Services

Dengo Wildlife Control of Boise, Idaho will trap, remove, control and manage most species of Nuisance Rodents including Mice. Mouse problems occur year round but we often see a spike in Mouse activity in mid to late Fall. As the chill of Winter approaches, many animals including Mice over-winter in homes, garages, crawl spaces and attics. So... if you want to know how to get rid of Mice, please read on!

Dengo Wildlife Control will Inspect and detail your options to control or exterminate mice. Entry points are identified and corrected along with recommendations to fully address future problems. Commercial Trapping is usually a key component to our Services. Poisons are usually a poor choice for Initial Interior Structural Mouse Control. "Resident Mice (living inside the structure)" should be physically removed from the structure. When Resident Mice are killed by Poisons, they can die anywhere, creating decay, odor problems and encourage other Pest infestations which are attracted to the carcass. Exterior Perimeter Rodent Baiting Control Measures are frequently employed as part of a Comprehensive Program. Mouse issues can be challenging to resolve and our approach is complete and comprehensive. Occasionally, complete exclusion cannot be fully implemented due to structural conditions, operational procedures, cultural practices, decks or other modifications, which prevent Technician access to these areas. In those cases, maintenance and control measures are still obtainable for a desirable result. Mice can infest a building for years, bearing their young in walls or crawl spaces, thus contaminating, causing odor control issues and reducing the value of the property. Dengo Wildlife Control will inspect, remove and prevent further damage from Mice.

Common problems associated with Mice are:

  • Health Risks (don't take this lightly).
  • Frequent contamination of pantries (food storage), counter tops (food preparation surfaces) and both lower and upper cabinets (cooking utensils).
  • Toddlers or infant children in contact with urine or feces through hand-to-mouth contact.
  • Damaging or destroying Commercial Inventory with nesting, fecal or urine contamination.
  • Contaminating Linen and Clothes Closets.
  • Mice are great climbers. They go from Crawl Space to Roof.
  • Nesting in couches or other furniture.
  • Encouraging secondary species such as snakes.
  • Fleas & Mites hitch a ride. It's more common than you think!
  • Odor problems caused from fecal and urine contamination are evidence that action is required.
  • Chewed wires, in walls adjacent to pockets of nesting mice.
  • Dead mice in wall voids, causing extreme odor issues.
  • Nighttime noises (very creepy).


From the Centers for Disease Control (The CDC)

"Worldwide, rats and mice spread over 35 diseases. Rodent-borne diseases are spread directly to humans through bite wounds, consuming food or water that is contaminated with rodent feces, coming in contact with surface water contaminated with rodent urine, or through breathing in germs that may be present in rodent urine or droppings that have been stirred into the air (a process known as "aerosolization"). Diseases from rodents are also spread indirectly to humans by way of ticks, mites, and fleas that transmit the infection to humans after feeding on infected rodents. In some cases, the rodents are reservoirs (carriers) of the diseases, while in other cases the ticks, mites, or fleas act as the disease reservoirs."

As you can see, living or working around mouse problems is simply unwise! When it's time to put Mice out of your misery, please give us a call.

(208) 869-9055


Dengo Wildlife Control - P.O. Box 5634 Boise, Idaho 83705-5634, (208) 869-9055

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"Ba Bye" House Mouse!

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