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"Specializing in the Removal of Unwanted Wildlife"


Gophers / Moles

Dengo Wildlife Control captures, removes, controls and manages most species of Wildlife including Gophers & Moles.

"Where did they come from"? You may wonder why you have gophers tearing up your lawn or garden and your neighbors don't. They seem to appear from nowhere but once you have them, they're there to stay unless something is done! If you want to know how to get rid of Gophers, please read on!

Gophers are prolific diggers and can be quite a nuisance for Home and Property Owners, Businesses, Golf Courses, Parks, HOA's, Property Managers, Ditch Companies and Agricultural Sites. Gopher infestation is usually noticed when you see their conical shaped mounds as in the picture above. They are very much like an iceberg. The problem above ground is bad enough but it's what you cant see, below ground level that you should be worried about! Often times, our Clients believe Moles are the problem and if they are, we offer Mole Removal and Control as well. So far, the culprit in our area appears to be the Pocket Gopher.

Since we began in 1997, our chosen primary methodology to control Gophers has been Trapping. This control method is still the most effective and positive way to rid a property of these invasive diggers. This chemical/pesticide free approach to pest Gopher Control delivers a positive catch so you know the problem animal has been removed. All removal is below ground and is pet and family-safe. As with all Trapping... experience counts!

Other circumstances may require a variety of methods to Control Gophers. Dengo Wildlife Control maintains all the necessary Licenses and Credentials to address your Gopher problems. Don't Worry... We've got you covered!


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*Another Reason We Prefer Trapping*

As of April, 2010, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has expanded the Use Restrictions of highly toxic phosphine gas fumigants. Use is strictly prohibited around all residential properties (with few exceptions). This product must not be applied within 100 feet of a building occupied by people or domestic animals.

Dengo Wildlife Control has known this all along and placed it's Customers Safety ahead of all else. Although profitable, Dengo Wildlife Control has "never" used phosphine gas fumigants on or around Human occupied Residential or Commercial Properties.

Good Call Dengo!!!

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Common problems with Gophers are:

Our Service Area for Gopher Control is a 50 mile radius of our office in East Boise. This includes Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Garden City, Kuna, Eagle, Star, Middleton, Hidden Springs, Ada County and Canyon County. Dengo Wildlife Control will Trap and Remove Nuisance Gophers. We can offer One Time Clean Outs, Monthly or Annual Maintenance Contracts. If you have Gophers, call the experts at Dengo Wildlife Control.

(208) 869-9055