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Bat Conservation International


President Idaho Chapter


"Specializing in the Removal of Unwanted Wildlife"


Professional Wildlife Removal & Animal Control since 1997.

Solutions to resolve Human and Wildlife Conflicts.

Call us at:

(208) 869-9055


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Do you charge for your services?

A: Yes. As a private company offering professional services, we have positioned ourselves to offer the highest level of service. We are not subsidized by any agency. Our Clients immediately recognize the value of our services when compared to time lost, property damage, potential of future property damage, staggering maintenance costs, health risks and liability exposure.


Q: I've never hired a Wildlife Control Operator (WCO) before. What should I look for?

A: Nuisance Wildlife Control is a knowledge and experience based profession. If you want the job done right, go with a company that specializes in Wildlife Control, Removal & Prevention. Many companies will say they are qualified but simply offer these services as an add on and may not even have the proper licenses or permits and do not operate legally. If they don't have a license to remove Wildlife, chances are that they don't have the knowledge, training, expertise or inventory to adequately help you.

Make sure they are "fully" insured. They should have a professional appearance, a proper service vehicle and be able to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise over the phone about the problem you are having. We haven't seen a trained Wildlife Control Operator yet that could be afraid of heights. Tall ladders and the insurance policy to use them are standard equipment. Ask if they Warranty their work and remember that a Warranty is only as good as the the Company that offers it so make sure they are of reputable quality. Their credentials should relate specifically to "Wildlife Control". Do they work weekends? Nobody told the animals they weren't supposed to get caught on weekends! Do they ask you to make the check out to a person or to the company? If they imply you should allow the animal to remain in your home, damage your property and leave when it's good and ready (yes, those people are out there), then RUN! Trust your instincts. If they're "scary", rude or they look a little lost due to inexperience, then thank them, pay them for their time and keep looking. It might be the best money you ever spent.

Nuisance Wildlife Control is not fur trapping. If you try to save a buck by asking a non-professional to resolve an issue, you may well expose yourself or your company to risk, litigation and extend a period of economic loss if you are experiencing any damage. Ask around. Call the Idaho Department of Fish and Game if you have any questions or if they do not specifically specialize in Nuisance Wildlife Control.

The company and people you hire are obligated to use their knowledge and experience to anticipate potential problems and damage before it occurs and offer solutions to prevent further damage.. Whether it's Wildlife Control or anything else, hire a Professional that's "working for you"!

If you hire "just anybody", you may get this guy (click here).


Q: I hired another company to capture an animal and they won't come out on weekends to remove it. Can you remove it?

A: No. It's against the law to tamper with another licensed trapper or companies traps or in any way remove or possess a captured animal from said trap. Refer to the question above before you hire anyone. If it's your trap, we can probably help.


Q: I decided to do my own trapping and I caught an animal. Now what do I do with it?

A: There's nothing wrong with do-it-yourselfers. Of course most of us understand that there is a reason we buy our food from a store instead of grow it, visit a Barber or Stylist instead of cut our own hair and hire a Wildlife Control Professional instead of trap it. Call us. We may be able to help you. As with all our services, we charge for that as well. Of course we cannot Warranty "your" work!


Q: Now that you've removed the Nuisance Birds or Animals, won't others just take their place?

A: Yes... most likely. Often times, simply removing that particular animal is just a bandaid for the real problem. Most Birds and Animals are territorial. Chances are, they have already defended that space from other animals that would have taken up residence. Once an animal has lived in an area, it then becomes attractive not only to that species but to other animal species as well. In most cases, there are solutions to prevent Pest Birds and Animals from re-entering the premises. This is called "Exclusion". If there is an opportunity to exclude pest animals from re-entry and it is not exercised, you may well experience the same problem again. Our Inspection will detail your options to fully resolve your Pest Bird or Animal problem .


Q: Can you come out and give me a quote on my problem?

A: Yes. We do Inspections all the time. By offering our recommendations we can guide Property and Business Owners through their problem. Our findings can give them the knowledge to take action and limit their potential of liability. As with all our Services, we charge for Inspections as well but you can call for a consultation. After talking with you, we may be able to give you an idea of cost.


Q: Don't my tax dollars entitle me to have Fish & Game fix my problem for free?

A: No, for these reasons: 1- The Idaho Department of Fish & Game is not a tax supported Agency. It is funded by Sportsmen, mostly through licensees and fees. They are tasked with the management and oversight of Idaho's Wildlife Resources, primarily through scientific and administrative action. 2- Fish & Game neither has the budget, personnel or resources to address each concern that occurs. They may choose to involve themselves where they have particular expertise and trained personnel available but are not obligated to respond to any Nuisance Wildlife calls. These are private property issues and fall upon the Property Owner and the Private Sector to resolve. Fish & Game regulates & enforces how this may be done. For example: The Dept. of Agriculture regulates Pest Control but does not come to your home or business and treat for insects...


Q: Is there a repellant I can use to get rid of (Raccoons, Skunks, Snakes, Birds and you name it)?

A: Not really. There are tons of products on the market available for sale that you can spend your hard earned money on but studies have shown that they have limited or no effectiveness. For a select few species, there are some repellants that when integrated with a multi tiered approach to controlling that particular species, can be effective. For the application of those repellants, Dengo Wildlife Control maintains the specific Licenses and training required for their purchase and application. The bottom line is... if there were effective repellants out there, we would be using them!


Q: What do you do with the animals you remove?

A: There is no single answer to this question. The vast majority or the animals we capture and remove are relocated to an appropriate site. A variety of factors are considered such as the behavior that generated the nuisance conflict, the general health of the animal, the species of bird or animal we are dealing with, legal status of the bird or animal, safety of the attending technician, availability of appropriate relocation sites and probable survival prospects of relocation. Options available to us are: releasing the animal on site, relocation, transportation to an Animal Shelter or Rehabilitator (provided they operate in a legal and ethical fashion) and humane euthanisation. Note: We are always looking for appropriate relocation sites. Contact us if you have one. None of the Birds or Animals are sold or given away for "live animal" commercial or recreational purposes so please do not ask us to do so.


Q: My neighbors cats / dogs are in my yard. Can you come and get them?

A: No. We deal with Wildlife and "Feral Animals" (once domestic animals that are now wild or were born wild). We do not handle domestic animals (tame or pets). Please call the Idaho Humane Society or any of these other Idaho Rescue Facilities and Animal Shelters. If you have a "Feral Cat" problem, we can help.


Q: There is a dangerous dog on the loose in my neighborhood. Will you pick it up?

A: No. Again, for domestic dog and cat issues, call the Idaho Humane Society (see link above).


Q: Can you tell me how to catch an animal myself?

A: No. There are inherent risks with handling Wildlife. Most professionals do not offer "how-to" advice due to liability reasons. Our knowledge was acquired at great time and expense and we're sure you'll understand if we don't give our work away.


Q: Can I get a trap from you and do it myself?

A: No. We do not rent traps. Often times when persons attempt to resolve Wildlife issues themselves, the situation becomes worse. This may increase damage and educate the animal to avoid being captured. Capturing the mother and leaving the babies inside to expire can cause a much more expensive "Dead Animal Extraction" later when the smell gets so bad you don't want to live there any more! Please call for service.


Q: Do you handle insects?

A: Yes. We also maintain a Professional Pesticide Applicators Credentials for the purpose of Pest Control. Although we specialize in Vertibrates, often times our Customers require other services as well. We can tailor a program to fit your needs.


Q: There is a dead bird / squirrel in my yard. Who should I call to have it tested for West Nile Virus?

A: Local Health Departments have already concluded that the West Nile Virus has arrived in Idaho and is most likely here to stay. At one time, there was random testing of animals to gather data related to the West Nile Virus but that has long since ceased. There is no longer any need to test for a condition that is known to be present in the area. Don't call anyone.


Q: There is a dead bird/ squirrel/ other animal in my yard. Can you come out and remove it?

A: Yes. Of course there is a fee associated with all service calls. If you want to remove it yourself, do this: Use a sturdy trash bag. If you are worried it will tear, use two bags. Reach your hand into the bottom of the bag, grab the dead animal as though the bag was a very large glove. Pull the animal backward, inverting the bag so the outside of the bag becomes the inside. The animal is now on the inside of the bag. Tie the bag securely. Place in the trash and secure so other animals do not tear it open. Or you can just simply call us and we'll remove it completely for you.


Q: There is a sick bird / animal in my yard. Can you come and get it?

A: Yes. We recommend that you do not approach any animal that appears to be sick. Please call for service.


Q: There is a baby bird in my yard that has fallen from it's nest. What should I do?

A: Baby birds often leave the nest before they have full flight capability. Leave the bird alone and it's mother will continue to support it until it can fly. If it is to young and has not yet fledged, put it back in the nest but be careful. If it is injured or other animals have harassed it, you may choose to take it to a Rehabilitator.


Q: While hiking, I found a baby (insert animal) that was abandoned by it's mother. Should I take it somewhere?

A: No. The natural defensive posture for many baby animals is to stay down and remain motionless (they only look abandoned). Chances are that it's mother was feeding, drinking or left when it heard you approach and is close by, waiting to tend to her baby. Simply walk away with the knowledge that Nature has provided the species with all the tools they need to survive.


Q: There is a baby Fox that lives by me. It's very close to the road and I'm concerned for it's well being. Should I do something to help it?

A: No. It's mother can take far better care of it than anything you can do. Stay away and do not habituate the animal to humans. A healthy fear of people is good for it's survival prospects.


Q: I found a Bat on the ground. What should I do?

A: Leave it alone. That is not normal behavior for Bats. It may be a sign of illness. Bats in Idaho do carry the Rabies Virus (see link below). Call us for removal.


Q: There is a Bat in my home. What should I do?

A: Call us for removal. If you woke up and the Bat was in your sleeping quarters, do not remove it. The Bat must be captured and submitted for Rabies testing. Bat bites or scratches may be nearly impossible to see. If there is any question as whether or not you have been in contact with a Bat while sleeping, contact the Ada County Central District Health Department. Although the chances of contracting the Rabies Virus are low, without "immediate" medical attention, infection is always fatal. Don't take any chances.


Q: I saw a coyote by my home. Can you take care of it?

A: Maybe. Seeing a coyote is not necessarily a "coyote problem". Most persons would be surprised to know just how much Wildlife resides in Urban and Suburban environments. When there is an "defined coyote problem", please call for service.


Q: There are some deer on the road and I'm afraid they are going to cause an accident. Can you get them off the road.

A: No. Dengo Wildlife Control does not have the jurisdiction to close a section of road or highway to herd animals away. Deer are generally regarded as a natural obstruction or temporary condition. Slow down and drive defensively. Although most Transportation, Law Enforcement and Wildlife Agencies defray such inquiries, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has jurisdiction over large game animals.


Q: There is a cat on the telephone pole (or other high place). Can you come out and rescue it?

A: No. We are not a Rescue Facility. We are able to transport cats to a Shelter for a fee but we will not endanger our Technicians by climbing without the proper aerial and safety equipment. We have yet to find any cat skeletons on top of telephone poles. They always find their way down.


Q: Will you give me or sell me your captured birds or animals?

A: No. Enough said.



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