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Beaver Damage Control

Residential / Commercial & Municipal Beaver Control














but 2 to 3 times heavier. The Beaver is a common Nuisance Animal throughout Idaho and the expression "Busy as a Beaver" refers to it's long and typically nocturnal hours devoted to dam building, tree felling and food gathering. We've heard many stories of how, when a Beaver Dam was removed, it was rebuilt the very next night. In our area, Beavers often consume the inner bark of Cottonwood, Aspen (Quaken Asp), Willow and aquatic plants but they love to eat Ornamental Softwood Trees. We've even seen them chew through fences to get to a favorite tree. They are certainly not above raiding crops such as soybean and corn. In a night or two, a Beaver can kill a tree that it took 50 years to grow. Beavers live in "Lodges" or "Bank Dens". Lodges are constructed of sticks, logs and mud and are visible above the waterline. Bank Dens are tunnels, at or below waterline, deeply excavated into the bank of a pond, river, stream or lake. There may be many Bank Dens in a single area, undermining soil integrity and Bank Collapse is fairly common. In remote locations, their Wetland Habitat creation is quite beneficial however, in developed areas, once Human/Beaver conflict begins, action is required. Many States report Beaver Damage well into the millions of dollars annually. Municipalities, Transportation Departments, Home Owners, Businesses, HOA's, Hydro Electric Plants, Farms, Ranches, Parks, Golf Courses, Tree Farms, Irrigation Districts and Ditch Companies commonly experience Beaver damage.

STOP: If your experiencing Beaver Damage, please call immediately for a consultation. Caution should be exercised when attempting Control Measures. Well intentioned "do-it-yourself" attempts to prevent Beaver activity may only complicate matters and/or lead to further damage (see picture above).

Services Include

  • Professional Trapping
  • Federal, State & Local Government Entities
  • Home Owners Association Maintenance Contracts
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Property/Facilities Management Companies
  • Pond Clean-Outs
  • Dam Removal
  • Watercourse Patrol & Maintenance
  • Tree Wrapping
  • Relocation Projects
  • Telephone consultation (no charge)
  • On-site Inspection / Consultation
  • and more...

Common problems with Beavers are:

  • Ornamental Landscape Damage
  • Chewed down Trees
  • Girdling of Trees (chewing the bark around the tree, thus killing it)
  • Structure damage due to falling trees
  • Trees falling across Phone / Power Lines and Fences
  • Liability Exposure
  • Blocked Culverts
  • Dammed Streams
  • Flooded Basements
  • Flooded Streets
  • Road Damage
  • Backed up Septic Systems
  • Contaminated Wells
  • Bank Collapse and Erosion
  • Trees killed due to flooding
  • Watercourses diverted
  • Crop Damage
  • Beaver are a host to numerous parasites including Giardia

Note: We strongly urge prospective Clients to use a "Professional Wildlife Control Operator" to resolve their Beaver Control issues. Dabbling with it yourself, having an uninsured Trapper, unlicensed or untrained employee may be asking for trouble on many different levels.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Do you have any experience?
  • A: About Us


  • Q: How does it all work?
  • A: It's very easy... You call us. We chat. We can usually quote a range of prices over the phone. We make the Permit process simple. We show up and do the rest. Your concerns are our concerns. Chances are that we have already anticipated the needs/concerns that you've thought of and many you haven't.


  • Q: Do you charge for an On-Site Inspection?
  • A: In most circumstances, our Inspections are performed at the time of Service. Most of your questions can be answered with a free phone consultation however if you require a separate On-Site Inspection prior to Service, a nominal Inspection Fee is added.


  • Q: How many Beavers do you think we have?
  • A: It's difficult to estimate. Weather events, Season, water-level fluctuations, food availability and biological factors all affect Beaver travel patterns. One to six Beaver in a particular area are common.


  • Q: How long will your Beaver Damage Control Program last?
  • A: Until the job is done! Duration of service may be Project specific. Some accounts may be year-round and there may also be "avoidance" issues with particular animals. Usually 10 to 12 days is average.


  • Q: Will you come out to my place and remove the Beaver for the fur (no charge)?
  • A: No Thanks... Your may be mistaking what we do for recreational fur trapping. We are Nuisance Wildlife Control Professionals. Our Clientele generally are impacted by Property Damage or Economic Loss. Our Clients are often tasked with the responsibility of inviting only Qualified Vendors that meet a certain criteria. As with all businesses, we have many expenses and therefore must charge a fee for the services we provide.


  • Q: We wish to establish a Beaver population on our property. Will you give us the ones you catch?
  • A: Maybe... Trans-location Projects on private property require written permission from the property owner along with other criteria. Other Projects may only be approved by Permit through the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Generally, waiting to "piggy-back" on an existing Project in hopes of a reduced rate is a very poor plan. Unfortunately, poor planning may actually be more expensive and compromise the probability of your projects success. For best results, hire us on a Stand-alone Project and be ready to implement the Project during the Spring-time. Please call to discuss rates.

  • Q: We had our Landscapers wrap our trees. It worked for a while but now we're losing trees again. What are we doing wrong?
  • A: That's an easy one! It's a little like having your Mechanic fix your toothache. Don't be to surprised if your tooth still hurts! Many Landscape Maintenance & Design Companies know our work and recommend us. You call a Landscaper for grounds maintenance & design, a Plumber for a broken pipe, a Electrician for your electrical needs and a Wildlife Control Professional for Beaver Damage Control. Give us a call - we can help! Note: Those two trees in the above picture were wrapped too, but not by us!

  • Q: Our HOA is seeking a different Beaver Damage Control Provider. Will you come out and give us a Bid?
  • A: Gladly... HOA's qualify for contract pricing and we are available to meet with Board Members and Association Property Management Representatives. Again... a Bid "is" an Inspection. Because the Look'in and the Do'in are almost the same thing, a nominal Inspection Fee is added if you require an Inspection that is separate from Services. Or... simply call for a free phone consultation.


  • Q: Why should I choose Dengo Wildlife Control to provide Beaver Damage Control Services?
  • A: Peace of mind and Professional results. Nuisance Beaver Damage Control is seldom about "only removing a beaver" nor should it ever be confused with fur trapping. Beaver Damage Control is serious work and must not be regarded with a "las a faire" attitude. Laws, Ordinances and methods are constantly changing. Local knowledge is critical. We are Idaho owned & operated since 1997. We are Licensed, Bonded & Insured. We are independently Certified by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. Dengo Wildlife Control will implement a program to successfully manage your Beaver Damage Control issues for a positive outcome. If we weren't the first Provider you called for Nuisance Beaver Damage Control Solutions, we will be the last!

Our Clients immediately recognize the value of our Services when compared to the replacement cost of even a couple mature trees from a Landscape Nursery. Our normal Service Area for Beaver Control is a 50 mile radius from our office in East Boise. For outlying Idaho locations in need of service, please call for a consultation. For Nuisance Beaver problems outside of our Idaho service area, please see our National Directory for a Provider in your area.

When you've decided that enough is enough and your ready to begin Beaver Damage Control and Removal, please give us a call!

(208) 869-9055

Serving These Idaho Cities:

Boise-Meridian-Nampa-Caldwell-Parma-Garden City-Eagle-Star-Middleton-Hidden Springs-Idaho City-Emmett-Horseshoe Bend- Garden Valley-Mountain Home

and more...


Dengo Wildlife Control - P.O. Box 5634 Boise, Idaho 83705-5634, (208) 869-9055

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Dengo Wildlife Control of Boise, Idaho will Trap, Remove, Control and Manage most species of Nuisance Wildlife including Beavers. So... if you want to know how to get rid of Beavers, please read on!

The Beaver is North America's largest rodent. The largest Beaver we have removed was 76 lbs. Beavers weighing 40 to 50 lbs. are relatively common and many people are surprised at how large an adult Beaver actually is. An adult Beaver is about as long as a Coyote

These once beautiful, mature 30 foot shade trees were "girdled" by Beaver. They could not be saved and have since been removed.