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"Specializing in the Removal of Unwanted Wildlife"


Bat Control & Removal

Dengo Wildlife Control will Remove, Manage and Control most species of Wildlife including Pest Bats. So, if you want to know how to get rid of Bats, please read on!

Bats are an amazing mammal and are found throughout Idaho. They are an important part of the environment and consume large quantities of insects, which would otherwise be considered pests to Humans. All species of Bats are Protected and may not be intentionally harmed.


Bat Conservation International

Although beneficial to the environment, Bats can be quite a Pest as well. They can take up residence inside or on Buildings and their feces (guano) and urine accumulations cause a foul odor and are serious Health Risks. Their constant nighttime scratching and other noises are unnerving and are just another sign that you have an infestation.


Crystallized Bat urine in attic, 4 to 5 inches long.

It is relatively common for Bats to find entrances into the interior Living Quarters of a residence. This is a serious concern and should not be taken lightly. Idaho Bats can be vectors and reservoirs for the Rabies Virus. You can read the protocol in the event a Bat is found in your Living or Sleeping Quarters on our FAQ's page. The other most common Fungal Disease associated with Bats is Histoplasmosis which is found in their guano and becomes airborne, thus being inhaled and affecting the Respiratory System.

Left unchecked, Bat infestations can cause serious damage to a Structure and render it uninhabitable until the problem has been fully addressed. Common problems with Bats are:

  • Infesting Attics, Roofs, Chimneys, Soffits and upper reaches of Buildings.
  • Accumulations of Guano and Urine.
  • Foul Odors.
  • Health Risks to Self, Family, Pets, Employees, Patrons and Tenants.
  • Liability Exposure.
  • Public Image.
  • Contaminated Insulation.
  • Stained Walls and Paint.
  • Health Code Violations.
  • Tracking Guano inside the Structure.
  • Roof, Plywood and Insulation replacement.
  • Attic Clean Outs.
  • Ceiling and Drywall Damage.
  • Loss of Sleep.

Dengo Wildlife Control will Inspect, Remove, Control and Exclude Bats from getting back into your Structure. We can offer Clean Out Services of accumulated Guano and install Bat Netting, specifically designed to prevent Bats from accessing Roosting Areas. We are experienced in both large and small Bat Control Projects and can help you evaluate what it will take to resolve your Bat Problem.

Our primary Service Area is the Treasure Valley. We will also service the entire state of Idaho, Eastern Oregon and Northern Nevada. We regularly receive inquiries from Cascade, Donnelly, McCall, Garden Valley and the Sun Valley Area. Again, Bats are a protected species. Due to seasonal and biological circumstances, the time frame for Bat Control is limited. For Clients outside of the Treasure Valley, we accept a limited amount of Projects annually. For Bat Removal and Bat Exclusion, we recommend you schedule an Inspection and book early.

If you are experiencing Bat problems outside our Idaho Service Area, please see our National Directory for a Provider in your area.

There's a place for Bats, it just isn't your place! When you've decided to evict your uninvited Bat guests, please give us a call.

(208) 869-9055


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