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"Specializing in the Removal of Unwanted Wildlife"



Dengo Wildlife Control of Boise, Idaho will Trap, Remove, Control and Manage most species of Nuisance Wildlife including Badgers.

The Badger is a member of the Weasel family. Their coat ranges from brown to silver. As you can see in the picture above, it's long claws, strong shoulders and flat body are designed for digging. It's diet is primarily burrowing animals such as gophers, ground squirrels, voles and mice. Like all opportunistic predators, they won't pass up an easier meal if it's available (small pet, chickens...). Badgers will mate in the late summer or early fall. They use delayed implantation and cubs are born in March or April.

Badgers have quite a reputation for ferocity but this reputation is only partially deserved. Every animal has it's own defense system and because Badgers have short legs, running isn't always the best option. When they perceive a threat, they usually dig in, hold their ground and get ready for a fight. If you invade their space, expect to get charged (so don't invade their space by trying to shoo them away). We recommend you leave them alone and call us for removal.

If you wake up one morning and it looks like someone has been drilling for oil all over your Lawn, it's a good bet you have a Badger. Common problems with Badgers are:

  • Large holes and tunnels in Landscape, Parks, Common Areas and Campuses.
  • Setting up a Home in your Barns or Out Buildings.
  • Taking up Residence in Garages.
  • Prowling around in Open Bay Shops.
  • Risk of injury to Employees, Patrons or Persons during a surprise encounter.
  • Predation of domestic birds and animals.
  • Raiding Nests of ground nesting Game Birds (Pheasants, Quail, Sage Hen...).

If you have Badger problems, Dengo Wildlife Control has solutions. Please give us a call.

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