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"Specializing in the Removal of Unwanted Wildlife"


Coyote Control & Removal


Dengo Wildlife Control of Boise, Idaho will trap, control, remove and manage most species of Nuisance Wildlife including Coyotes.

Coyotes are not the bumbling, inept creatures as on the Coyote / Roadrunner cartoon. They are intelligent, adaptive canines that will eek out a living in almost any environment. They have always inhabited the West but are now becoming a common Nuisance Animal throughout the Mid West, South and Eastern States as well.

Ranchers have long been familiar with the predatory nature of the Coyote. During calving season, cows and their newborns suffer constant harassment, injury and death by predatory Coyotes. The Sheep industry suffers significant losses as well. In Urban areas, Coyotes have moved in and often times show little or no fear of people. To a lesser degree, household pets become victims and humans attacks, although rare, are possible.

Common Coyote inquiries are as follows:

  • I saw a Coyote. Can you come and take care of it?
  • There's a Coyote in our neighborhood and the neighbors cat is missing. Did the Coyote get it.
  • I keep seeing a Coyote close to my back yard where my children play. Can you remove it?
  • There's a Coyote killing my sheep on our Ranch. Will you start a Program?

The answers to these questions are No, Maybe, Maybe and Yes. We'll explain....

Simply seeing a Coyote is not a "Coyote Problem". Coyotes have been in Urban environments for a long time and even when a "Problem Coyote" has been removed, there will eventually be another canine to take its place. This "replacement canine" will not necessarily demonstrate the same problem behavior as the first but the void will be filled.

Question: You may ask, "What about all the missing pets"?

Answer: Once all the facts are gathered, often times all those missing pets are not any more than one or two. In most cases, Pet loss can be avoided by containing your pet. Owners who allow their pets to run or carouse are in most cases in violation of the law and are solely responsible for the loss of their pet. Action starts at home. Keep your pets confined to your property or on a leash. Also, do not rule out Birds of Prey when small animals are missing. Yes, Nuisance Coyotes will take pets in Urban and Rural areas.

Question: What about Coyotes hanging around my back yard where my children play?

Answer: Depending upon the age of the children and the physical condition of the Coyote, this could be a big problem. Keep in mind that coyotes are not the biggest predator out there. There are Mountain Lions, Bears, Bobcats and now Wolves on the Boise Front. If your worried about Coyotes, you may need to fence your children's play area. Again, a Coyote at 200 yards is not a "problem" but one hanging around your back yard may be.

Question: Coyotes are harassing and killing my poultry and livestock. Will you remove them?

Answer: Yes. This Client has a real Damage Control issue and the Coyotes are positively identified as the source of the problem. The Client resides in an area where control measures can be implemented without affecting his neighbors or their property.

Question: Now that we've determined that simply seeing a Coyote isn't necessarily a problem, what is?

Answer: Human, Pet or Livestock attacks are Coyote Problems. Sick Coyotes are a Problem. Coyotes habitualized to humans are a Problem. These factors are identifiable conflict issues or circumstances which would likely lead to conflict and warrant action.

For Rural Coyote Control and Removal: Dengo Wildlife Control will initiate a Program to manage Coyote populations to acceptable levels.

For Urban Coyote Control: We recommend you first determine that you have a "legitimate" Coyote Problem. Urban Coyote Control is significantly more complicated to implement. Dengo Wildlife Control will inspect and detail a plan of action to address these issues. Please call.

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